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Saturday, Sept. 12, 7:30 pm:

You Can't Take It With You

Saturday September 19, 7:30pm

Virtual Shakespeareaoke, Pt. IV

Dear King's Men (and Lord Chamberlain's as well),

The theater world, you know, has felt the pain,

The terror, the uncertainty, the hell,

Brought by the dread coronavirus bane,


For once, alas, the show must NOT go on:

Without the groundlings, what would be the point?

By fiat dire, the audience is gone.

Indeed, the entire Globe is out of joint.


But if you're thinking things could not be worse,

Beloved Shakespeareans, pluck up your heart;

For here's a chance to play my deathless verse

In safety, from a good six feet apart.


Sign up for Shakespeare-aoke, if you please—

A great distraction from CO-VID disease.

Dear Gingerbread Friends and Fans,

We regret to announce that, for the health and safety of the community, we have been obliged to postpone our annual spring musical indefinitely. We are hoping to reschedule. Please stay tuned for further updates, or subscribe, so you can receive all GP-related announcements.

Victor Herbert's

Babes in Toyland

Little Women
Go Back for Murder
Go Back for Murder
Getting Married

1919–20 at GP

Getting Married

2018–19 at GP

2017–18 at GP

Bourgeois Gentilhomme

Our Friend Bill

The Gingerbread Players were fortunate for many years to have our own resident composer, William Ryden, who wrote the music for three original shows— Ragtag!Through the Looking Glass, The Sleeping Beauty and Nowell! — and contributed to, arranged or compiled the music for several others, including our unique World War I commemoration, Over There! in 2017 (see photo, below).


We will always remember Bill as a brilliant talent and a kind and wonderful friend. Bill died in January 2018. His uniquely inspiring presence will be sorely missed, but his contribution to GP lives on not only in his musical influence but in the new lighting system enabled by the Bill Ryden Memorial Fund, which will be unveiled for the first time in all its glory in Shrek.

Namesake Gingerbread Cookies

Wind in the Willows, 2016

Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, 2017

“The most child-friendly community theater group in Queens ...” — Mark Lord, Queens Chronicle 

Seussical, 2017

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