Next Up: Nov 11/14 7:30pm and Nov 11/15 2:00pm:

Henry V

Coming September 19:

Virtual Shakespeareaoke, Pt. IV

shakespeareaoke IV press release

To sign up, send us an e-mail via the link below. Be sure to include your name (or group name), e-mail address and your three chosen excerpts from the Bard's works, in order of preference. (You will get your first choice unless someone else has signed up for it first.) 

If you wish to sign up as a Groundling (to observe only), please include "Groundling" in your e-mail message.

You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration within 24 hours of signing up. Closer to the Shakespeare-aoke date, you will receive an e-mail containing the order of the Shakespeare-aoke program. Then on May 16 you will be invited to download our Shakespeare-aoke platform so you can join the live event!.

To Sign up for Shakespeare-aoke 4,

e-mail or