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All About the Gingerbread Players

The Wizard of Oz, 2008

Who We Are

Introducing the Gingerbread Players:

     Founded in 1971, The Gingerbread Players of Saint Luke's Church have long been blessed by a group of theatrically talented parishioners whose spring musical and fall play productions have become a tradition for the local theater going community of Forest Hills. The Gingerbread Players stage 2 seasonal productions each year, as well as host musical concerts, readings, as well as vocal and instrumental recitals. Material has ranged from operas, musicals, plays, and one-man shows to original musical or theatrical works by members of the church.

     Auditions are held for new actors and people are always needed to work behind the scenes. Each production is a true labor of love for the "behind-the-scenes" crew as well as those on stage. Rehearsals take place on weekends for about three months, with performances on weekends. The shows offer children a unique opportunity to learn about the theater and work as a team with adults; players range in age from eight to eighty.


What's in a name?


     “We already have an Amahl,” said Harriet Morin. “Let’s do Amahl and the Night Visitors!” It was fall 1972, and Harriet, then organist and choir director of Saint Luke’s, was referring to young Chip Stokes, a member of the Saint Luke’s congregation and, at the time, understudy for Amahl in the New York City Opera’s production. It seemed an excellent idea, so Harriet filled out a cast using members of the choir and interested parishioners. The planned single performance, following a regular Sunday service, was so popular that a second was added the following week.

Encouraged by the success of Amahl, the next year Harriet decided to do a musical theater version of The Magic Nutcracker, this time drawing principally on the church’s junior and youth choirs, and an annual tradition was born. With visions of Tchaikovsky’s gingerbread men dancing in our heads, we thought of selling gingerbread at intermission, and someone suggested we call ourselves the Gingerbread Players.

In recent years, the troupe has expanded its season to two productions, devoting springtime to family-oriented musicals, fall to classics of the “legit” theater ranging from Chekhov to Shakespeare to Shaw.


How Can I Join this Wonderful Group?


The same way you get to Carnegie Hall – practice! By which we mean: show uptry out, volunteer, let us know how well you can sing, dance, act, carry a spear, push a broom, sew a costume, paint a set, build a platform, pull a curtain, manage the box office or do any of the other myriad tasks that go into putting on a show. We need you in order to keep going, so if you’re interested in working onstage or behind the scenes, just tell us who you are! There – wasn’t that easy? You just joined the Gingerbread Players of Saint Luke’s. Actors should be at least eight years old. (There is no upper age limit.)

Contact us care of Saint Luke's Church:;
(718) 268-7772

A Midsummer Night's Dream, 2016

Molière's Learned Ladies, 2012

Molière's Learned Ladies, 2012

Molière's Learned Ladies, 2012

Through the Looking Glass, 1999

“The most child-friendly community theater group in Queens” — Mark Lord, Queens Chronicle

The Wizard of Oz, 2008

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